Port de Confrides // Coll de Rates 135km 2450m

Long Climb (20km witth 706m altitude) to Port de Confrides (970m). Beside the length of the climb, there are no steep parts in it, which makes it a pleasant climbing. Once you reached the top, you can enjoy a long downhill to Gorga. The route will bring you back through Castell de Castells and Coll de Rates (628). From the top, you enjoy another beautiful downhill to Parcent, which is a lot of fun. Going back through Benisa you will end the ride with some beautiful downhill to la Fustera with a impressive view to Ifach and the sea.

Estimate moving time 5h:43min

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Val d ebo // Tollos 120km 2000m

Starting with a climb from La Fustera with some nice view to the coast. Passing by at Benisa, Xalo and Orba just before you reach Pego you turn left, where the climb to Val d’Ebo (540m; 7.88km 440m). Just a short downhill, before you start climbing again through La Vall d’Alcala and to the top of Tollos (830m). Since the big fire in Summer 2022 a big part of the area is burned and you will find a bare but impressive landscape.

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Coll de Rates // Sa Creueta 90 km 1450m

Starting with a climb through Fustera along the coast. From there short descent to Benisa. From now on its rather flat untill Parcent from where you will climb the famous Coll de Rates (6.5km 340m). From the top you have an amazing view. Now its just a bit down and up untill you reach Tarabena, where you turn right heading toward the top of Sa Creueta. From there you can relax, enjoy an amazing downhill to Castell the Castells and just all the way down to Parcent again, back through Alcalali and Xalo. Here you can either take the mainroad down (like the gpx) or if you enjoyed the road a long the coast, why not going back to Benissa, just a bit more of climbing left and you can enjoy the rollercoaster down with an amazing view to Ifach and the sea.

Estimate moving time 4h:30min


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